Tindering in France

Let me give you some advice you didn’t ask for and probably don’t need – if you live in Lyon, France do not make a Tinder account. Even if it’s the depths of winter and you’re feeling some type of way because Valentine’s day is a mere 3 weeks away and you don’t want to spend it alone , don’t do it. Trust me, whatever it is you are looking for, you will NOT find it on Tinder. 

Because I hadn’t learned my lesson I made a new Tinder account late 2018. And discovered very quickly that the men on Tinder are the bottom of the barrel. 

I swiped until my index finger started feeling like a sprained wrist. I swiped left on at least 100 profiles before one caught my eye. After a few evenings of swiping left I had a handful of people I swiped right on and in the end unmatched them all. Continue reading “Tindering in France”

Catfished in France

It is December 2018 and on the heels of the holidays everyone is paired up. 

I’m surrounded by couples who are constantly searching for an opportunity to begin kissing  – passionately! On the metro traveling from point A to B, how to pass the time? Kiss! 

Stopped to cross the road and waiting for the pedestrian sign to alight? Kiss and caress!

In a restaurant waiting for your order to arrive? Stroke each others face and kiss each others hands, forearms and shoulders before finally landing in a lip locked tongue dancing embrace. 

It makes me wonder if I’m missing out on something. Where is my french romance?Continue reading “Catfished in France”

How to survive a job hunt

Wake up. Check email – nothing but junk. Have breakfast. New email alert – random messages from a mailing list I’ve unsubscribed from multiple times. Read a few pages of my library book before I realize my eyes are glazing over the words and nothing is registering. Look longingly towards my bed and consider going back to sleep. Stay put at desk. Open Scrivener, scroll for project to work on. Minimize Scrivner. Check email –  nothing. Close computer. Reach for phone. Unlock phone. Check email – nothing.

This is the cycle I’ve found myself during the last several months of an agonizing job hunt. It is not unheard of to apply for 120  jobs only to receive a single response five months later that leads to a dream opportunity. So then was the time you spent on all 119 applications a complete waste?  Instead of thinking in terms of waste, what is important is to not let a job search totally consume looking on the bright side even while the sunshine is blotted out by the dark clouds of unemployment.Continue reading “How to survive a job hunt”

Dating in a second language: A guide

Dating in a foreign country while speaking a second language is a unique experience. 

It is both fun and awkward in equal parts. There is potential for life changing positive experiences but you will also have to deal with  misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Here are a few tips for navigating the dating scene in France* as a foreigner. 

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Budget travel: Are hostels worth it?

I used to think that hostels were for meant to house extreme budget travelers. You know, the person who is essentially poverty stricken but doesn’t see why a lack of disposable income should prevent him from seeing the world and having new experiences. The dude that scoops up a $49 error fare from New York to Budapest and takes a 10 day trip with $50 spending money. This money will go very far since the lower half of his travel pack is filled with Energy bars and beef jerky, a bit of salt and a bit of sweet that adds up to a balance diet on the road.  His collapsible water bottle, BPA free of course, is easily refilled in public restrooms and will protect him from dehydration. This was the type of traveler I thought hostels were designed for. Continue reading “Budget travel: Are hostels worth it?”

Get to know me in 10 questions

1. Where do you get your inspiration for your writing:

Hearing someone tell a story in their unique voice inspires me to do the same. I love reading the work of Caribbean authors who write the way we speak. There’s a lot of deliberate humor in our dialogue and eavesdropping on a conversation between two Caribbean people, whether in real life or on the page, always sparks either a memory, an idea, or a question.  I also love writers whose works

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A Struggle for Stillness

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been on an island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea staying at my childhood home that has in the years since i’ve left it been transformed into what I imagine the garden of Eden might have looked like. I wake up to the sound of the trees rustling in the island breeze and a variety of birds singing in chorus. Donkeys bray in the distance.

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the universe sends us exactly what we need

I spent yesterday afternoon with Jeanne.

Jeanne is a French woman whose family I lived with during my first 4 months in Lyon. She lives with her husband and has two children who visit her often. I like Jeanne a lot. Even though sometimes she says thing to me that make me want to give her a very strong side eye. Well, she is French and I am American, there are bound to be some differences.

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Rebirth Renaissance

As I prepare to embark on a new journey in a different land, I’ve been reflecting on the past decade, the ups, downs and everything in between.

It’s not often that I just sit and think of my journey in it’s entirety. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment of things, and when taking time to reflect, focus on one specific moment, whether good or bad.

Davis, California May 2018.Continue reading “Rebirth Renaissance”