Dating in a second language: A guide

Dating in a foreign country while speaking a second language is a unique experience.  It is both fun and awkward in equal parts. There is potential for life changing positive experiences but you will also have to deal with  misunderstanding and miscommunication. Here are a few tips for navigating the dating scene in France* asContinue reading “Dating in a second language: A guide”

Budget travel: Are hostels worth it?

I used to think that hostels were for meant to house extreme budget travelers. You know, the person who is essentially poverty stricken but doesn’t see why a lack of disposable income should prevent him from seeing the world and having new experiences. The dude that scoops up a $49 error fare from New YorkContinue reading “Budget travel: Are hostels worth it?”

Get to know me in 10 questions

1. Where do you get your inspiration for your writing: Hearing someone tell a story in their unique voice inspires me to do the same. I love reading the work of Caribbean authors who write the way we speak. There’s a lot of deliberate humor in our dialogue and eavesdropping on a conversation between twoContinue reading “Get to know me in 10 questions”

the universe sends us exactly what we need

I spent yesterday afternoon with Jeanne. Jeanne is a French woman whose family I lived with during my first 4 months in Lyon. She lives with her husband and has two children who visit her often. I like Jeanne a lot. Even though sometimes she says thing to me that make me want to giveContinue reading “the universe sends us exactly what we need”

Rebirth Renaissance

These past few weeks have been really good. So good that I feel as if I am living in a dream. So good that when I ride my bike home and when I’m sure there are no cars besides me I belt out the lyric from a favorite song.

Three little birds, sat on my window and they told me I don’t need to worry.

 I come home and I’m full of energy, I listen to music and clean up a bit then settle down to complete any outstanding assignments. I’m motivated to prepare a healthy meal and sit and feel thankful while I drink a cup of lemon black tea. How am I so lucky? How is life so great? I want to live forever. I have so many plans of good things to do, ways I can help people. I’m really impressed with who I turned out to be. Thank you, a million times thank you.